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Ball Valves

API 607, API 608, API 6D, MSS-SP-110, ANSI B16.34 DESIGNS

Warren’s Ball Valves are offered in a variety of materials and body configurations in sizes up to 24” and ANSI pressure classes 150 through 1500 lb.  End connections include flanged, threaded, socket weld, and threaded by socketweld. 

Products Include:

Warren Valves are subject to rigorous quality inspections.  Our comprehensive evaluation includes on-site audits, inspection at the source, receiving inspections, and destructive material testing.  This ongoing process ensures that Warren Valves are manufactured to the highest industry standards.

New Ball Valves

Carbon Steel Ball Valves - Warren Alloy’s exclusive line of valves now includes Carbon Steel Threaded Ball Valves.  The new two-piece valves are offerd from 1000-2000 WOG and in sizes ¼” to 2”.  The new valves are now in stock and ready to ship. For detailed information on the specific valve, please click the figure number:

150# RF Flanged Full Port Ball Valves – The Warren Valve Contractor Series has become more versatile with the addition of #6156C.  The new valves are available in 1 ½” to 4”.  For detailed information on the specific valve, please click the figure number:

About Ball Valves

Ball Valves are best suited for on and off service, starting and stopping flow. They can also be used for changing flow direction. Ball Valves are also bidirectional meaning that they can function equally well in any upstream or downstream installation, and that either end of the valve can be the fluid inlet. Ball Valves have a smooth, uninterrupted flow path that offers little resistance to flow when it is open. Ball Valves can be used with all fluids, liquids, gases, and vapors (including steam), whether clean or dirty. Fluid temperatures are limited only by the materials of construction. Warren Ball Valve quarter-turn operation and low required operating force makes them preferable for applications in which frequent operation is required, and makes it easy to actuate.

The flow control element of a ball valve is a ball with a round hole through it. The ball rotates around an axis that is perpendicular to the hole. The ball is always in the fluid path. When the valve is in the open position, the hole of the ball aligns with the fluid path and the fluid passes straight through it.

Warren Valves can also accommodate you with most any type of valve modification needed. We can provide trim changes, gearing, end configuration changes, and many more options which we will be happy to discuss with you dependent upon your requirements. We also offer many types of designs including (but not limited to) 3-way ball valves, flanged ball valves, threaded ball valves, and socket weld ball valves.

More detailed information, such as Cv values, top works detail, torques, etc. is available from our valve group personnel.